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 Polycab CCTV Cable 
 Polycab Coaxial Cables 
The Cables stringent quality control measure coupled with Company’s R&D efforts ensure production of Coaxial Cables that are technologically superior and provide an ideal combination of electrical and physical properties. This makes Polycab Coaxial Cables the preferred choice for a variety of applications in CATV network.
POLYCAB XLPE cables are designed to standard operating conditions in India and abroad. The standards adopted are considering the eographical/climatical conditions and general applications of power for utilities, distribution and generation purposes. The cables are manufactured conforming to Indian & International cables specifications for XLPE Insulated cables.
 Polycab HW-FR CABLES 
Polycab FR Building wires are insulated with a Fire Retardant (FR) PVC Compound, specially formulated by one of our Group Companies to provide added safety.
Polycab FRLS Wires have enhanced properties of PVC insulation to reduce the toxic smoke generated in case of fire. Modern households and offices have increased number of gadgets. This concentrated load increases the chances to fire due to overload and subsequent short circuit.
These wires are insulated with non-toxic EVA based Flame Retardant Halogen Free compound to out-perform all other insulation on toxicity parameters by generating almost zero toxic gases in case of fire. The small amount of smoke that is generated is white and of low density (20%). Thus, fire fighting and evacuation of casualties is easy.
 Polycab LAN CABLES 
Polycab Lan cables are suitable for voice, Data, Video and Low Voltage Control, It is suitable for all Lan topologies including Horizontal and Vertical distribution Plenum and Riser.
The XLPE insulated heavy duty cables were introduced worldwide in mid sixties. These cables have overcome the limitations of PVC Insulated Cables such as thermal degradation, poor moisture resistant and thermoplastic in nature.
Solar Cables are designed to meet the growing needs of the solar industry. Our solar cables is just the beginning of our plans to develop and launch green technology in wires & cables.
 Polycab Submersible Cable 
Polycab Special 3 Core Flat Cables are manufactured for critical space requirement, protection against indefinite immersion in water under specified conditions, protection against rain-water and against ingress of small solid foreign bodies.